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The website has been created to encourage as many people as possible to take part online in the Claro Tree Sparrow Project in the Claro area in North Yorkshire, UK.

The fact is that Tree Sparrows are under-recorded so in order to establish the success of this project we need, with your help, to properly assess the present distribution in the area. They are most likely to be seen regularly by farmers and those living in rural areas so it is important we hear from everyone! Every sighting is important if we are to understand and help this species for the future. Regular reports from you will help us identify where they are and what they are doing at different times of year. Please use the online sightings page  to let us know where and when they are seen, when they arrive at feeders for the winter, when they start investigating nest boxes, what breeding success they are having, when they leave the nest box with the youngsters, are they roosting in the boxes in winter? etc.

But everyone  is invited to contribute and tell us about the Tree Sparrows you are seeing in the UK, Ireland or even further afield.

And if you are running or are planning a Tree Sparrow project and would like to make use of the sightings submission form to receive records for your area please get in touch with

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