Tree Sparrows

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Tree Sparrows - Drawing By Ray ScallyThese appealing and attractive birds are in decline in the UK. They are primarily a bird of lowland park and farmland , occurring  in UK and Ireland , much of temperate Europe and across Asia.

They are often overlooked in their traditional rural habitats or amongst groups of House Sparrows, but they readily visit bird tables and feeders in villages and the edges of towns during the Winter.

Tree Sparrows are also increasingly establishing small colonies in rural gardens where nest boxes have been provided, usually where they have been attracted by winter feeders. Great fun to watch, they could raise three broods a year!

Professional conservation bodies, farming interest groups and leading bird societies are working together with farmers and landowners to implement longer term solutions such as the provision of winter feeding areas and habitat improvement schemes for a range of farmland birds.
But there are THREE important things you can do to help if you have Tree Sparrows visiting your garden or if you know they occur nearby.

  • If you see Tree Sparrows let us know using the online form
  • Provide a garden or farmland feeding table in the Winter
  • Provide nest boxes for a garden or farm colony

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